Green Sea Turtle

By: Abby


Basic Information

Common name: Green sea turtle for their green fat under there shell.
Scientific name: Chelonia mydas
Diet: Herbivore
Size: 3 to 4 feet
Weight: 240-420 pounds
Average Lifespan: 80-100+ years

Core Questions

How is the ocean animal suited for its current environment?

They are very good swimmers due to there flippers. They have paddle like flippers which helps them move gracefully throughout the water. And since they are cold-blooded they can stay underwater for a long time.They can stay underwater for 5 hours without coming to the surface. There limbs are non retractable and there she'll is smooth which helps them glide.

How have humans impacted the environment of the ocean animal?

Humans have ruined turtles beaches for nesting by coastal development. This has made many sea turtles have to find different beaches for nesting and different areas to eat since most of there food supply has been destroyed as well. Also pollution from coasts has also not helped the green sea turtles.They have also killed them for meat and eggs. Boat propellers and fish net catching and drowning them have killed them.

What is the future of this ocean animal? And how do you know?

The future of the green sea turtle is not looking good. They are endangered from things humans have done. If humans do not stop destroying their habitat they could go extinct. I know this from one of many of my resources like "Green Turtle." World Wildlife Fund, n.d. Web. 06 Feb. 2015. And "Green Sea Turtle - National Wildlife Federation." Green Sea Turtle - National Wildlife Federation. N.p., n.d. Web. 02 Feb. 2015., that talk about the threats that are happening to sea turtles by humans. If we don't take action now this animal could go extinct.

Other Questions

What is the life cycle (gestation period) of the ocean animal?

Egg 60 days, they hatch and become mature and available to breed after 25-50 years, they can live from 80-100+ years.

How many offspring are produced?

About 75-200 eggs per clutch.

What is the animals Marine life zone?

The green sea turtle lives in the photic zone. It lives on land and in waters that are about 500 feet deep.

What does this animal eat?

Adult Sea turtles are herbivores. They eat seagrass and algae.
Juvenile sea turtles are omnivores. They eat insects, crustaceans, worms as well as seagrass

Where does the animal eat?

Off of rocks and coral reefs and seagrass beds in shallow waters close to beaches.

What does the animal use to eat?

The jaw is serrated to help the turtle chew easily.

How does the animal impact the food web?

It keeps the seagrass beds healthy so they can be used for other things. Seagrass beds are like nurseries for some fish that we eat which is important for us. A lot of marine life live in the seagrass beds so it is important that they stay healthy and the sea turtle does that by eating seagrass beds.

Where does the animal live in the ocean (Vertical zone)?

This animal lives all over the world in warm subtropical and tropical ocean waters in the Atlantic, Pacific and Indian oceans. It also lives on beaches around the world for nesting and sun basking. It usually stays in the more shallow waters off-shore.

Where does the animal travel?

After the sea turtle is mature it will travel the oceans in shallow waters until breeding season. They usually travel back to the beaches they were nested in to nest there own eggs.

How does the animal travel in the ocean?

The animal swims to its mating site. It can travel miles to its mating site. The usually mate where they were born. They use there flippers to push the, through the water.

What are the animals predator (if any)?

Tiger sharks and humans

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